Welcome to FMY Orthodontics!

As limitations and requirements change throughout the COVID-19 era, please reference the information below for our office policies.  Here’s what to expect at your next appointment …



COVID-19 Procedural Changes

Checking In

Please sign in on the computer at the front desk when you arrive. Remember to watch the monitor for instructions on what to do next. If you have questions, please see the receptionist! To help prevent the spread of germs, we will be using plastic covers on the keyboard that will be changed daily. In addition, hand sanitizer will be located next to each sign in computer.

After Check In

Once you have checked in for your appointment, please have a seat in the main lobby wherever you feel comfortable. All brushing stations and waiting areas beyond the main lobby remain closed.

Appointment Time

When your child is called back to the clinic, please remain in the lobby. Once the appointment is completed, a doctor or assistant will meet you in our consultation hallway to discuss the details of your child’s visit as well as plans and next appointment info. You may then stop at the front desk to checkout and schedule the next appointment.

Prefer Complete Social Distancing?

Please notify our receptionist if you would like to wait in your car. All communication and scheduling may be completed electronically/via phone if desired.