TMJ Treatment

TMJ problems are characterized by pain, popping and clicking in the area of the Temporo-Mandibular Joints, just in front of the ears.

These joints serve as hinges between the lower jaw and the skull, allowing movement for chewing, speech, etc. Problems with the TMJs can arise from stress, tooth grinding and bad bites, and are most common in adult women. Without treatment, these problems often lead to deterioration of the joint tissues, chronic pain and soreness in the muscles that make the joint work.

Our treatment for such problems is based on an accurate diagnosis using state-of-the-art, computerized, equipment. The treatment is non-invasive and typically involves neuromuscular positioning. It is based on the use of customized mouthpieces (orthotics) to obtain a comfortable position for the lower jaw. Once this jaw position is found and the TMJ problem is under control, long term stabilization is accomplished in one of three ways: long term orthotic wear, orthodontic treatment to allow the natural teeth to serve as an orthotic, or full mouth rehabilitation to allow dental prosthetics (crowns, bridges or partials) to serve as an orthotic.

If it sounds like you may have a TMJ problem or if you have further questions, please call our office to schedule an initial appointment in our TMJ Clinic.