If early intervention is not necessary, the best time to consider full orthodontic treatment is usually between the ages of 11 to 15 years old.

Several factors make this the optimum time.

  1. Most (if not all) of the permanent teeth have erupted into the mouth, allowing ideal positioning of all permanent teeth with braces.
  2. The adolescent growth spurt normally occurs during this time period. This growth greatly enhances the orthodontist’s ability to modify not only the position of the teeth, but also the relationship of the top and bottom jaws to one another. Growth is a huge component of orthodontic treatment.

Treatment time for full orthodontic treatment usually averages 15 to 24 months. Our appliances allow us to treat patients faster, and with fewer appointments than ever before. After full orthodontic treatment, a set of clear, customized retainers will be made to keep each patient’s teeth in the ideal position.

If you are ready to begin treatment or would like to be seen for a free examination, please contact us to start your journey to a beautiful smile!

Pictured, from left, are Invisalign braces, ceramic braces and traditional metal braces.